Thursday, 8 February 2018

2017 empties! Lipstick review, swatch, and ramble post.

Heyyy. Erm. It's me. 

It's been a while hasn't it? The end of 2017/beginning of 2018 was pretty chaotic for me, so I guess blogging took a back seat. Does that mean I neglected my lipsticky adventures? Hell nah. I've been smashing colour onto my gob with uncompromised gusto, and as such, have quite a few empties to proudly display. In 2016 I used up four lipsticks. In 2017 I used up a whopping FOURTEEN. 

I'll give you a second to recover. 

Behold, my spoils of war:

Quite a variety! I got through a good mix of colours, formulae, and price ranges. Some were lovely, others were kind of meh. Are you ready to embark upon a journey of lipstick rambles? Then let us begin. 

Makeup revolution salvation velvet lip lacquer- black heart
This £3 vampy liquid matte lipstick from Makeup Revolution isn't that great formula-wise. It looks and feels dry and can get a bit crumbly into wear. I loved it colour-wise though: a super dark almost-black purple that served as a dupe for 'potion' from the ABH Liquid Lips line. I'm too broke for Ananstasia, so satisfied my need for the shade with the cheaper alternative. 

Avon colortrend lip and cheek blush stick- spark
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is this barely-there, ultra-sheer, balmy baby pink multi-use rouge. It's awful as a blush (unless you like having greasy frog cheeks) but dandy when used as a kind of matte lip balm. It's emollient but not shiny, tinted but not obvious, and worked great applied on top of overly-dry liquid matte lipsticks. I found that it barely disturbed the colour or the longevity of the base colour while making it a whole lot more comfortable. So that's why it got used right up. This particular product is now discontinued, but I believe Avon has replaced it with something similar in their new 'Mark' make-up line. 

MDM Flow liquid matte lipstick- mink
Oh gosh. This is one of the worst lipsticks I've ever tried. It's SO sticky. The first time I put it on, it glued my lips together. I mean really glued. It took actual effort to prise my lips apart, and the result was a manky patchy mess left clinging to my unfortunate pout. Shudder. So why did I use it up? Because I loved the summery happy colour, and found that slicking some clear gloss on top eradicated the stickiness without budging the lipstick itself. To be fair, reviews say that this particular shade is the worst for stickiness and that the other options are not bad. And apparently MDM Flow are reformulating their lippies anyway. Either way, I'm glad I bought it cheap off Depop and not for the £19 rrp. 

Avon ultra colour perfectly matte lipstick- red supreme
Ok, so this was a mini sample, so maybe not so impressive that I used it up. But it's lovely! Both the colour and formula really wowed me- so much so that I bought a full sized tube in a different shade. A comfy matte with impressive colour payoff and a wide shade range. Yup. Not much else to say. 

Jeffrey Star velour liquid lipstick- I'm nude. 
This is a VERY pale nude. I've worn it a few times with a deeper lipliner, but mostly it served as a mixer shade: to ombre, to lighten, to neutralise. The formula is good in that the finish doesn't look chalky and streaky, and it feels comfortable. I got this in a Depop swap. I wouldn't personally purchase any Jeffree Star's lippies just because I don't support his brand, but I don't hate on people who do. 

Dose of Colours matte liquid lipstick- brick
Sigh. I was so sad when I used this one up. I absolutely adored the shade and the formula. This earthy terracotta brown was so flattering against my complexion. If I didn't already have a mountain of lipsticks, I'd definitely repurchase. In fact, I might repurchase anyhow. Argh. Stop me. 

Velvet 59 matte to the max liquid lipstick- pink cadillac
Meh. This lipstick is just meh. I don't recommend it. It's very white-based and stark, so I could only make it work with lipliner or gloss or both. And the formula was pretty dry too. In fact, I only really used it up because it ended up in my bag, which rendered it the default for out-and-about lipstick emergencies. 

L.A. Girl glazed lip paint- coy

I was always pretty conflicted about this cheap-and-cheerful lacquer. I adored the electric, punky purple shade. It was utterly unique and I didn't have anything like it in my collection. And I quite liked the glossy finish. And I liked the stain it left behind. But I didn't like how minty it was, or the fact that it bled like a bitch unless the services of a clear lipliner were employed. I guess the pros outweighed the cons on balance though, or else I'd still have a full tube. 

Eccentric Cosmetics liquid matte lipstick- aurora australis 
Another mini sample size, another win. Look at that gorgeous colour! Eccentric Cosmetics is a gem of an indie makeup brand that sells their wares on etsy. Liquid and bullet lipsticks, loose and pressed eyeshadows, eye primers, highlighters, lipglosses- all the fun stuff. Everything I've tried has been high quality, unique, and very fairly priced. I'm a fan. As for the liquid lipstick formula, its wonderfully pigmented and lightweight and transfer-proof. I don't have a bad thing to say. 

Kiss Australia lipstick- smitten
I nicked this lipstick off a cousin ages ago and I'm pretty sure the brand doesn't exist anymore. It's basically a lip balm with bells and whistles: translucent pink with shimmer. I mostly used it as a lip topper, often over dry-feeling liquid lipsticks. In the swatch above, it's worn over a nude lipliner. 

Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer- luna
I actually hated the Apocalips lippies when I first tried them, mostly because the smell was gag-inducing. I guess the scent must have faded over time because when I returned to my surviving tube, it was tolerable. I think I kept reaching for this because of the shade. I was on a major peach kick and suffered severe fomo thanks to Too Faced and their pricey peachy products from peachville. 

Nicka K vivid matte lipstick- sea green
My sister in law snagged this lipstick for me because she knows I dig weird colours. This lipstick is shit. It's weirdly rubbery and draggy and impossible to apply evenly because each stroke removes product as it's applied. The above swatch took a ridiculous amount of time to paint, and it still looks shitty. I tried lip primers, I tried powdering before application, I tried warming up the tube. It just would not co-operate. So why did I persist in applying it to death? Because the first time I put it on, my brother said green lipstick was ugly. So I put it on every day just to spite him. What can I say? I'm a git. 

Kiko Milano lipstick 
The sticker fell off this now-discontinued Kiko lipstick so I don't know the name or the number, but it's a very pretty sheer orange with subtle shimmer. It accompanied me through a short stay in a mental home (lol) so it got worn out pretty quick. 

Primark matte lipstick 
Finishing on a high note, I present a stonker of a red. This powder-matte, ultra-pigmented showstopper was from way back when Primark first started doing makeup. It's long been discontinued, but will always have a place in my heart. You have served me well, comrade. 

And that's a wrap! Let's see how many lipstick casualties 2018 brings...


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Another bumper lipstick review, boyyy

Hello from the other side.

Yeah yeah, I'm the worst blogger ever. But I'm back. With another excuse! I had a bunch of issues with my phone and have also been busy rescuing various downtrodden cats.

Of course, I've still been lipsticking. So I thought I'd do another roundup review, this time of a bunch of traditional lipsticks, so as to put something like a dent into my lipstick review backlog. Roll up, roll up!

Oh it is satisfying to see all my ducks in a row.  Let's go left to right, shall we?

Maybelline color sensational mattes lipstick- siren in scarlet
Pow! So this powerhouse of a red is the shade 'siren in scarlet', from the new(ish) matte collection of Maybelline's color sensational lipstick line. The only difference- apart from the finish, obvz- is that the cap is a translucent black. It's a good look.
And the lipstick itself is lovely. Velvety smooth with zero drag, not drying, no streaking or patchiness, no bleeding. A lovely plush matte. I suppose it doesnt last quite as long as more dry-textured mattes, but that's to be expected really. This particular shade is rumoured to be a dupe of MAC's iconic 'Ruby Woo', but I haven't compared them myself. This lippy is £6.99, which I think is very reasonable.

Wet n wild megalast matte lip cover- rose-bud
And now to something even more reasonably priced! Wet N Wild's megalast lipsticks are a steal at roughly the £3.50 mark. The packaging is unsurprisingly basic, but the formula is great. I'd say it's more of a satin than a matte, and it applies smooth and opaque. It looks and feels moist, not dry in the least. As for the 'megalasting' claim, I'd say it's a stretch. The formula does last fairly well, but that's more because it's so pigmented rather than due to a particularly grippy texture. I also own the shades 'don't blink pink' and 'purty persimmon', and they perform similarly- though I've heard some shades from the line are exceptions, being chalky and streaky.
'Rose-bud', which annoys me because it's unnecessarily hyphenated, is an adorable rosey pink. I can't decide if it's cool toned or warm, so I guess that means it's neutral. I love it.

Stila shine lip colour- Pam 

Another red, baby. This is the shade 'Pam' (why though?) From Stila Cosmetics' Shine lip colour line. Sadly I think this shade is discontinued, or at least unavailable in the UK. Which is a bummer, because it's gorgeous. Still, you can cop the sweet texture in other shades innit? It's sweeeet: it glides on without being too slippery, isn't streaky in the least, and makes your lips look all juicy and yummy. I expected the colour to be sheer, akin to a tinted lip balm really. But it packs a punch! It's not opaque, but it's more than just a shy rumour of colour.
And can we talk about the packaging? It's so pretty. The inner tube has this oh-so-pretty floral design on it that I swoon over each time I look at it. The price seems to vary between  £6 and  £22, which is odd. Shrug.

MAC Patentpolish lip pencil- kittenish 
Next up is a similarly textured lippy, though I'd say this one is slightly more glossy. It's MAC's Patentpolish lip pencil in the shade 'kittenish', a somewhat cool toned girly pink. I'm not gonna lie. I got this purely for the name. I like cats, okay?
So it was a huge bonus to find it applied and looked so dreamy. Pigmentation is roughly the same as the Cremesheen lipstick formula, so at about 70% opacity. It's one of those easy to slick on lippies that end up being a purse staple. I like it a lot. It weighs in at £16.20, which is fairly average for MAC prices.

Avon shine burst gloss stick- raspberry glaze

Are we gonna have another glossy juicy lipstick? Hell yeah, but this one has GLITTER. Avon's Shine Burst Gloss stick has microfine glitter specks in it which don't feel gritty in the least and add a bit of sparkly pizzazz to the pretty base colour. 'Raspberry glaze' is straight up summer. A bit bright, a bit balmy, a lot cute. I quite like the chrome tube, and I generally have no qualms about this lippy- particularly as it's only around the £4 mark. Keep an eye out for it as it pops in and out of availability with the various campaigns.

Dior Diorific lipstick- 005 Glory
Aaand for the grand finale, something high end.  Dior's Diorific lipstick looks cool. Buthe weird. Cool weird. You wouldn't think it was a lipstick. But it is a lipstick, and a fine one at that. 'Glory' is somewhere between copper and red and bronze. It's warm toned and very 90's and has a semi metallic finish, though with a matte texture (if that makes sense). It's opaque. It's not drying. It's long lasting, as it seems to really cling to the lips. It's GLORIOUS. If you're minted, you can cop it at a pricepoint between £22 and  £30 depending on where you shop. Or if you're perpetually broke like ya girl over here, get a bargain off ebay.

So that's all for now folks. Hope that was helpful. I've got a few more reviews to get up soon, so stick around yeah?

Love you


Monday, 19 June 2017

Liquid matte lipstick bumper roundup review

Yikes. Long time no bloggo, doggo.

It's been a while. I've been recovering from a mental breakdown  (yup, another one lololol), spending time with my animals, and generally trying to avoid any sources of stress in favour of living in a weird bubble of failed-adult denial. Does this mean I've neglected lipstick? Hell nah. Come on. You know me better than that.

I've been playing with a shit tonne of new lippies, so I thought I'd make life easy for all concerned (ok, for me), and amalgamate my rambles into one superramble. Buckle up kids. It's gonna be a wild ride.

Squad goals, amirite. Ok, so first on the chopping block is the Lix Matte Liquid Lipstick by Models Own, weighing in at £7.99. I have the shade 'coral fresh'. It's, er, a fresh coral.

The shade is bright- almost neon- and perfect for summer. The formula is moussey and feels fairly comfortable once dried down, if somewhat cakey. It's transfer proof, though friction will disturb it. It took a bit of faff to get an even and streak-free finish but it was worth it in the end. Just a heads up: this is pretty damn minty. If you love mint, you will go gaga for this. If you hate mint, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Anyhow, overall this lippy is a win for me. I quite like the fresh and urban packaging too. Swatch!

Models own lix matte liquid lipstick- coral fresh

Up next is the Lip Fix matte long lasting liquid lipstick from PS Workout range at Primark. It's a cheap and cheerful £2, and I believe it only comes in two or three shades, of which I have 'warm up', a nutmeg nude-brown.

The packaging is deceptive. You'd expect the squeezy tube to have that awful slanted plastic tip applicator of shitty cheap lipglosses. But lo! It has a doefoot applicator. The formula itself is good- lightweight, opaque, transfer proof. Very good for two bob. The only drawbacks are that it's a bit drying, and the odd packaging means you can't see how much product is left. And I kind of find the whole concept of wearing lipstick for a sweaty workout sesh a bit weird, but to each their own innit. Overall, another win. 

Primark lip fix work out matte long lasting liquid lipstick- warm up

In a similar colour category, I present to you Nyx Lip Lingerie in the shade 'exotic'. It'll set you back £7.

I hate it. 

Ok, it feels pretty plush, the shade is gorgeous, the concept of a range of nudes is nice. But it's just SO sticky. Even though it dries to a matte finish, it somehow never feels matte. It remains tacky and had my lips kind of sticking together. Ew. That said, this is from the OG release, and I know some of the newer shades have a different formula. It seems like the formula across the shades is inconsistent, with some being sticky, others being dry and crumbly, and some gloating smugly in that sweet, sweet spot of perfection. My advice would be to search reviews on any shades you have your eye on. I hope you get lucky, comrade.

P.s, check that rogue cat hair chilling on my lip

Nyx lip lingerie- exotic 

NEXT. It's MBA Cosmetics' liquid matte lipstick in 'violet riot', and....

WHAAAT? I just sauntered over to their site to double check the price and I can't find their liquid mattes anywhere. Perhaps they've been discontinued. Oops. 

So in that case, I'll keep it short and sweet. Pigmented, long wearing, no scent, no fancy packaging but a formula that falls solidly in the 'good' category. And the colour is incredible. A proper punky blurple, the likes of which has no comparison. If you like the shade, it's available in their cream lipsticks. And if you like the sound of formula, they have a bunch of metallic mattes, which might well perform similarly. 

Mba cosmetics liquid matte lipstick- violet riot

Moving on to another showstopping shade, it's Gerard Cosmetics' hydra matte liquid lipstick in 'mercury rising', an absolute scorcher of an orange. These are £11 in the UK.  

I'm late to the party with the hydra mattes. They've been around for a while and have long had their praises sung. I can see why. Classy packaging, a yummy vanilla scent, a moussey formula that sets to a comfortable, cushiony-matte finish, a great shade range. It's just really good, ya know? Do bear in mind that because of the somewhat moist formula, it's not quite as long wearing as other liquid mattes. It is still mostly transfer proof though. Just reign in the savage snogging. 

Gerard Cosmetics hydra matte- mercury rising

Next is a lesser known kid, a liquid matte lipstick from Eunique Beauty, a black owned, woman owned indie line based in the UK. You know how I like to support them small businesses. I have the shade 'melanin', a super dark brown, which I snagged for £7.99.

The formula seems to be of a thick cream consistency and is very pigmented, but I feel like the doefoot applicator, which is a little stiff and scratchy, doesn't lend itself too great to smooth application. Regardless, once on, it dries very quickly to a transfer proof matte finish. It's quite tight feeling, so be sure to pat on some lip balm beforehand. It wears well for a couple of hours before it starts to crumble, at which point it's best to completely remove and reapply than to attempt damage control. Despite the niggles with the formula, I still really love this lippy on grounds of colour alone. It's so unique (or should I say eunique harhar) and in that happy place between gothic and sophisticated. I bet it would look killer on deeper complexions too. 

Eunique Beauty liquid matte lipstick- melanin 

The next lippie is the most expensive of the bunch, and also the most disappointing. It's the Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick in the shade 'studded', which is in the metallized finish. 

Sigh. I wanted to love it. I'm all about those quirky shades. Olive-grey with gold shimmer? Sign me up bruv. But it was SO sheer. It took me three coats plus spot touch ups to get it to look even. And you can still see patches. Wtf. And unsurprisingly, that many layers effect how it looks and feels. Think crispy, tight, dry. I manage to make it work using only one layer over a brown lip liner, but of course that means I have to compromise on the end colour. And I shouldn't have to make a product work. You kinda expect better from Urban Decay. Shrug. Maybe the other shades/finishes in the range are better, but 'studded' is a thumbs down for me. 

Urban decay vice liquid lipstick metallized- studded

And lastly! The cheapest of the bunch. It's Miss Rose longlasting lipgloss (it's a liquid matte lipstick). It doesn't have a shade name or a fixed price tag, but it's between £1 and £5 on ebay. I got mine from Pakistan. 

It's actually pretty good. It has a painty smell (which dissipates once dry) and is a bit sticky, but it's not drying and it doesn't crumble or peel or collect in icky pools or any of that crap. And it lasts like a trooper. All day plus food and drinks plus naps. Plus a zombie apocalypse. 

And I just adore this shade of pink. I think it makes me look a bit cute. A bit. 

Miss rose long lasting lipgloss 

And that concludes our tour through some of my recent lipstick acquaintances. Yep. SOME. I have an entire backlog to get through. Watch this space....

....If you don't have a life. 


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sugarpill liquid lipstick and petty poison review

Howdy campers. I thought I'd rustle up a roundup review on some Sugarpill lippies, seeing as it looks like I'm now collecting them. There are individual reviews on 'kimchi' and 'trinket' already hanging out on my blog, but I thought it would be handy to see all the liquid lipsticks together. So let's hop to it.

Well, I think it goes without saying that the packaging is utterly adorable. But then, we'd expect nothing less from Sugarpill. Be warned though, you need to store these delicately because any friction will scratch off the logos. These come with rather shaggy applicators which I thought would be a little difficult to work with, but turns out they apply the product just fine.

Sugarpill liquid lip color: kimchi, pumpkin spice, strange love, Trinket. 
Sigh. So pretty. 'Kimchi' is a donut scented pastel lavender-grey with very subtle icy blue shimmer. 'Pumpkin spice' is a pumpkin spice scented nutmeg-orange with copper-gold shimmer. 'Strange love' is a creamsicle scented oxblood red with champagne-silver shimmer. 'Trinket' is a creamsicle scented  rose-mauve pink with gold shimmer. The shimmer in every shade becomes more prominent with wear (or a gentle rub).

They all require two coats for opacity, but the formula is so lightweight and plush that layering doesn't lead to that dreaded tight, mask-like feeling. They dry down in a few minutes to a comfy, transfer proof finish.

Bottom line- they look, smell, and feel GORGEOUS.

Moving on to the Pretty Poison bullet lipstick, seen here hanging out with her friend 'pumpkin spice'. These are semi-matte opaque lipsticks in super cute shades, of which I own 'U4EA' (pronounced euphoria). It's a fabulous teal which applies with no drag and no streaking. 'Odd' colours are notoriously difficult to formulate well, but Sugarpill have done really well on this baby.

Sugarpill pretty poison lipstick- u4ea

Of course, being a traditional lippy, it does transfer. Happily though, it's pigmented enough that it fades gracefully from the centre instead of leaving that awful ring. I didn't experience any bleeding either, which is great.

And, obviously, I'm smitten with the glittery pill-style packaging. It's like a toy!

If I get any more Sugarpill lipsticks, I'll add swatches to this post. I'm very likely going to get any new liquid lipsticks they come out with, but I'm also lusting over their new dark shades of Pretty Poison. Ah. The struggles of being broke.

Toodles x

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Caked cosmetics lip fondant- review and swatches

I've been eyeing up Caked Makeup's lip fondants for a while now. Probably because I really really love cake. And I really really love lipstick. So as you can probably guess, I found it really really hard to resist the temptation. Reader, I caved. I bought the shade 'power trip', which was £14 from Cocktail Cosmetics.

It's so cute! The icing and the sprinkles and the cupcake scent satisfy my dessert cravings fo sho.

Thankfully, the 'fondant' itself is really nice too. It has a moussey formula which glides on pretty much opaque and dries down in around two minutes to a non-drying matte finish. Some areas can feel slightly tacky if you press your lips together, but going with the thinnest coat possible minimises this problem to the point where it's barely noticeable. It's transfer proof and long wearing. In fact, it's kind of difficult to remove.
Caked cosmetics lip fondant- power trip

Which is fine by me, because why would I want to take off such a gorgeous colour? It's such a deep, sophisticated red. Mmm.

Mmm. Dammit, I want cake now.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tattoo Junkee matte lip paint + effects review and swatches

Tattoo Junkee cosmetics kindly sent me some of their cool lip kits, and after road testing them for a while, I think I'm ready to review the badboys. But fear not- this isn't a sponsored post or an ad and I'm gonna keep my thoughts honest as always.

Right. So the lip kits consist of a liquid matte lipstick and pot of shimmery highlighter powder. I LOVE the concept. The world is awash with liquid lipsticks so it's definitely exciting to see something a bit novel. I like that I can choose to wear the lipstick alone, add a touch of highlight to the high points of my lips, or just go all out and dust the shimmer all over. I also like that I have the option of using the 'effects' as a legit highlighter on my face, or even as an eyeshadow.

As for the formula, it definitely varies from shade to shade. 'Dazed' (blue) needed two thin coats for full opacity as it was a little sheer. 'Past curfew' (violet) and 'whatever' (oxblood) were both more opaque, but did require spots to be touched up. 'Pucker Up' (red) was DIVINE. Very richly pigmented, no streaking at all, and an absolutely gorgeous shade of red that seems to be a dead on dupe for my beloved Lime Crime 'red velvet' lippy.

Tattoo Junkee liquid lipsticks in 'whatever' (top row) and 'past curfew' (bottom row) 

They all felt quite tight once they'd dried down, so I'd recommend lip balm pre application and the thinnest layer of product possible. They were touch proof and very long wearing, and didn't feel that different with the shimmer on top. I really love the duochrome mermaidy effect the shimmer gives! Already pretty shades turn positively magical.
Tattoo Junkee liquid lipsticks in 'Pucker up' (top row) and 'dazed' (bottom row) 

I like that the brand offers a wide range of shades. Whether you like your neutrals or your loud traffic-stoppers, you'll likely find a colour for you. I also like that they're not too pricey. UK folks can cop them from Amazon for £11.39 per kit.

And I don't want to sound pushy or anything, but if you're considering trying one of these sets out, you maybe definitely need to get the red.


Sunday, 19 March 2017

New look lipsticks- review and swatches

Greetings friends. My eyes are burning from lack of sleep but insomnia is kicking my butt so hard lately that I'm not even gonna try to fight it. Let's chat crap about lipstick then, shall we?

Right. So New Look have recently revamped their makeup line to have better quality, better looking, and more varied products. I'd tried out their old liquid matte lipstick formula and found it to be painfully dry and crackly, but I'm always down for second chances. This time around I picked up their new liquid matte lipstick and two of their traditional bullet lipsticks in different finishes.

The bullet lipsticks are £3.99 each and come in 'moisturising' or 'matte' finishes. They feel very lightweight and are nothing special to look at, though I definitely prefer the gold case of the matte lippies to the tackier looking silver get up of their moisturising counterparts. But let's talk formula.

New look matte lipstick- dusky pink 
This is the shade 'dusky pink' in the matte finish. I think the formula is best described as 'meh'. It's ok. Two coats will give full coverage, it's not streaky or drying or anything. But it's also not as good as other matte lipsticks out there (eg Primark's  £1 offerings). I like my matte lipsticks to really hug my lips and sit tight. To not skid around. This particular lipstick has a bit of a sheen to it so it doesn't look entirely matte, and it also retains a bit too much slip to really 'feel' matte either. So yeah. It's alright for the price. Just nothing to write home about.

New look moisturising lipstick- deep rouge 
Moving on to a lipstick that IS worth writing home about. Ah. I love it when a lippie blows my expectations out of the water. When I think of the word 'moisturising', I have visions of something sheer, somewhat greasy looking. 

Nope. The above swatch of the shade 'deep rouge' is only one pass of the bullet. No lipliner bruv. Oddly, despite being as comfy as the name implies, the formula looks and feels more matte than the actual matte one. I guess 'semi matte' would cover it. It feels like a second skin; it's so lightweight and plush, you'd forget you were wearing it. It does transfer a fair bit, but it's so pigmented and soft that a quick lip smush is enough to redistribute the colour. 

The most pleasant surprise was that it didn't bleed. GET IN! Moisturising formulae are notorious for seeping outside the lip line, so I was fully expecting my mouth to look a bit unfortunate a few hours into wear. But my lines were pristine. *happy dance* 

Anyway, I don't know if all the shades in the moisturising line are this good, but 'deep rouge' is a knockout for sure. 

Moving on to the liquid matte lipstick. She's definitely a looker! Not bad at all for £6. But then I'm always a slut for frosted glass and a weighty feel. 

The formula applies deliciously opaque with no streakiness at all- which is no mean feat for such a dark colour (the shade is called 'blackberry' and it's a super dark gothic purple). The paddle shaped applicator definitely helps with the ease of application. It dries down in a minute or two to a comfortable matte finish that is pretty much transfer proof, but will smudge with heavy friction. It doesn't crack or peel or feel like a desert stuck on your gob. And it's a really cool colour! It's like 'raven' velvetine by Lime Crime, but cheaper and comfier and less streaky. Just generally better.  

New look beauty super matte liquid lipstick- blackberry 
It's a huge improvement on the old formula and I'm definitely a fan. Go pick up a shade or two if you're on the prowl for an affordable high quality liquid lipstick. 

And let's face it, why wouldn't you be?